Prayer Focus: Our Churches

All wise and loving Heavenly Father, we come before You this day on behalf of our churches. We thank You that in Your wisdom You provided a safe shelter in which we can grow in our faith and be prepared to face the challenges of this world. We ask, first […]

Prayer Focus: God’s Will

Father God, we pray that Your will be done this day, here in earth as it is in Heaven. We pray that our wills be submissive to Yours as we seek Your guidance this day. We recognize that for Your will to be done in our lives that we must […]

Prayer Focus: Rain

Gracious Heavenly Father, giver of every good gift, we live in a dry and thirsty land that is greatly in need of Your blessing. We ask that You would open up the heavens and allow Your life giving rain to fall on our land. Father, in these times of drought, […]

Prayer Focus: This Day

Our Father, this is the day that You have made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. It is the only day that we have. We cannot return to the past, and we are not guaranteed a tomorrow. This day, and this day alone, is the day in which […]

Prayer Focus: Marriage & Family

Our Father, we give You thanks for our families. You created the family in order that we might flourish as we live before Your face. You joined the first man and the first woman together in a covenant relationship that was never to be broken except by death. We thank […]

Prayer Focus: Missions & Missionaries

Dearest Heavenly Father, we come before You on behalf of the great missionary task that You have ordained. We give you thanks that You are in the midst of this world-wide effort to bring the light of the Gospel to the nations. We marvel that You became the model cross-cultural […]

Prayer Focus: Eradication of COVID

Heavenly Father, Creator of the universe. We come into Your presence on account of the disease that You have allowed to afflict our world. This disease, COVID-19, has impacted every nation, and has brought with it death and destruction. We don’t know why You have allowed this disease to run […]

Prayer Focus: Peace

Eternal Father, strong to save, we come into Your presence this day asking that You would allow the Prince of Peace to rule over our lives, our nation. and our world. We need Him more than ever to quiet our souls and restore peace to this fallen and broken world. […]

Prayer Focus: True Repentance

Loving heavenly Father, give us this day truly repentant hearts, hearts that are attuned to You and the demands of Your holiness. Remove from us any desire to remain outside of Your will. We have called good what You call evil, and have called evil that which You call good. […]

Prayer Focus: First Responders

Dearest heavenly Father, Creator of heaven and earth, we come before You this day, lifting up the men and women who respond to the many tragedies in our communities. Those police, firefighters, and paramedics who see humanity at its worst each and every day. We ask that Your hand of […]