Prayer Focus: Rain

Gracious Heavenly Father, giver of every good gift, we live in a dry and thirsty land that is greatly in need of Your blessing. We ask that You would open up the heavens and allow Your life giving rain to fall on our land.

Father, in these times of drought, we need You to nourish this land. We need the skies to open, the rain to come, and our land to be saturated with the blessing that You pour out from above. We need this moisture to allow our farmers to grow the food upon which we all depend. We need the land to be drenched in order that the top soil not be blown away. We need refreshing rain in order that the forests and grasslands not burn up.

We pray that in those areas that are already blessed with water that You would stay Your hand, and that flooding would not occur. What a delicate balance between blessing and deluge, and we thank You that in Your providence You do not often bring about life threatening flooding.

We know that we are totally dependent upon You for this sustenance. Should You shut up the skies, as You did in the days of Elijah, there is nothing that mortal man can do to reverse Your decision. When our land is dry, let us look to You for Your intervention.

We pray that this winter You would bring blankets of snow upon our mountains in order that they might fill our streams and rivers in the year to come. Give us a slow melt this spring so that flooding does not result.

Give us wisdom to use the water that You have gifted us without waste or pollution. Allow us to see that we are to be stewards of this resource as is true for all that You give us. Let us protect the lakes, the streams, and the aquifers that contain this great treasure. Thank You for those who develop new technologies that protect our water supplies and reclaim waste water for our use.

We pray that You would rain down revival on our land. We are in a spiritual drought of unprecedented proportions. Hatred for You holy law, hatred for our neighbors, and hatred for self is the order of the day. We have forgotten that sin is a reproach for any people, and that righteousness exalts a nation. Allow Your Word to be proclaimed from our pulpits, in our media, and on street corners throughout our land. Turn us from our sin and back to Yourself.

Show us our need for the Living Water that comes from our Savior. We know that we will be continually thirsty if we only drink the water of this earth, but when we drink from Him we will never be thirsty again. Satisfy our thirst by giving us springs of Living Water that will never run dry.

We thank You that we only have this Living Water in our lives and in our land because Jesus said “I thirst” as He hung on the cross. He offered His life in payment for our sin. Let us repent of that sin, and find our desire in Him, and in Him alone. Allow Him to nourish us in His love. We pray this in His holy name, Jesus the Christ, our Lord and Savior, Amen.