Jerry Minor

Preaching Schedule – August 2020   Recently updated !

August 2 – I Command, He Shall Build, Isaiah 45:11-13 (Sermon Audio) August 9 – The Salvation of the Nations – Part 1, Isaiah 45:14-17 (Sermon Audio) August 16 – The Salvation of the Nations – Part 2, Isaiah 45:18-21 Iermon Audio) August 23 – The Salvation of the Nations […]

A Theology of Face Masks

Pastor G.A.(Jerry) Minor Riverside Baptist Church, Albuquerque, NM To mask, or not to mask, that is the question. It appears that during this season of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, there are few things as contentious as the face mask. And no wonder, for there has been considerable confusion surrounding this subject. […]

Preaching Schedule – July 2020

July 5 – Cyrus, Isaiah 45:1-4 (Sermon Audio) July 12 – Like No Other, Isaiah 45:5-7 (Sermon Audio) July 19 – Blessings of Heaven and Earth, Isaiah 45:8 (Sermon Audio) July 26 – Fighting Your Maker, Isaiah 45:9-10 (Sermon Audio)

Preaching Schedule – June 2020

June 7 – I Am the Lord’s, Isaiah 44:1-5 (Sermon Audio) June 14 – Who Is Like Me?, Isaiah 44:6-8 (Sermon Audio) June 21 – Shamed Together, Isaiah 44:9-20 (Sermon Audio) June 28 – You will Not Be Forgotten By Me, Isaiah 44:21-28 (Sermon Audio)

Open, with Precautions

The NMDOH Public Health Order of 6/30 can be found here. We are meeting in our normal meeting location, but ask that people do NOT congregate in the kitchen or vestibule. Both Worship and Bible Study will be held in the main meeting area. Chairs are spaced out in groups […]

Preaching Schedule – May 2020

May 3 – Fear Not, Isaiah 43:1-3 (Sermon Audio) May 10 – You Are Precious in My Eyes, Isaiah 43:4-7 (Sermon Audio) May 17 – You Are My Witnesses, Isaiah 43:8-17 (Sermon Audio) May 24 – Doing a New Thing, Isaiah 43:18-21 (Sermon Audio) May 31 – Weary of God?, […]

Coronavirus Contingency

“I find afflictions to be good for me. I have always found them so. Afflictions are happy means in the hands of the Holy Spirit to subdue my corruptions, my pride, my evil passions, my inordinate love to the creature. Afflictions soften my hard heart, bring me to my knees, […]

Preaching Schedule – January 2020

January 5th – Who Has Measured?, Isaiah 40:12-17 (Sermon Audio) January 12th – Nothing Compares, Isaiah 40:18-26 (Sermon Audio) January 19th – Power to the Faint, Isaiah 40:27-31 (Sermon Audio) January 26th – The First and the Last, Isaiah 41:1-7 (Sermon Audio)