Prayer Focus: Eradication of COVID

Heavenly Father, Creator of the universe. We come into Your presence on account of the disease that You have allowed to afflict our world. This disease, COVID-19, has impacted every nation, and has brought with it death and destruction. We don’t know why You have allowed this disease to run rampant, but we do know that You are good, that You are wise, and that You have allowed this in accordance with Your will.

Father we know that everything in this universe that You have created is totally under Your control, from the largest supernova to the smallest microorganism. There is no rogue molecule in all of Your creation. We know that You have allowed this virus to be in our midst, and, if it were to be Your will, that You could eradicate it in an instant.

The fact that You have not eradicated it shows us that You have a purpose in it. We are not so arrogant as to claim to know what Your ultimate purpose is, but we do know, just as in other times of testing, that You have subordinate purposes. Among these is Your desire that we get our eyes off of this world, knowing that our time here is short. We also know that You desire that our focus be on You, and that we seek Your face in prayer and repentance. We realize that You also wish that we renew our ministry to our neighbors, sharing Your Gospel to them and ministering to their needs.

We ask for healing for the sick, and thank You for the many thousands who have recovered from this disease. We ask that You would protect the most vulnerable among us, the old, the weak, and those who have compromised immunity. We ask that continued research into therapeutics and treatments, and that their application would lead to more recoveries.

We ask that You would comfort those who have lost loved ones to this disease. We ask that You would sustain the medical workers who have been stretched to the breaking point, both physically and emotionally, as they have ministered to the sick and dying. Protect them from contracting this disease. We pray that You would also comfort those who have not been able to be with loved ones during their hospitalizations and last days.

Father, we thank You that while this disease is deadly, that You have given us intelligent scientists who have been able to research it and to develop several vaccines. We pray that our pharmaceutical companies will be able to produce the many millions of doses that will be required, and that medical technicians will be able to efficiently administer them.

We pray that You would give wisdom to us, that we may take prudent steps in protecting ourselves and our loved ones from this disease. In our churches, let us balance the need to be safe with the need to worship You and to fellowship together. Do not let us succumb to fear, but instead to live by faith as You guide us.

We pray for our leaders that they would be wise, knowing that while the toll of this disease is significant, the toll of lock downs must also be realized. Allow them to craft policies that will protect public health and sustain the businesses and institutions upon which we all depend.

We pray especially for students of all ages. We recognize the importance of education, and pray that our children and young people will not be disadvantaged in their educational, developmental, and emotional growth. Give wisdom to our leaders that they might safely open up schools as soon as possible.

Father, be close to the lonely. Protect them, and do not let them lose hope. Do not let them fall into the clutches of alcohol or drug abuse, and protect them from suicide. Allow us, Your children, to find effective ways to minister to them during these difficult times.

Father, we thank You that we have hope in Christ. He has conquered death. We know that if this disease ends our mortal lives, that those who have trusted in Him have life eternal. Use this disease, and all the misery that it has caused, to show us that our only hope is in Him. Turn us from our sin. Turn us from our self-righteousness and self-reliance. Turn us to Him as our only Lord and Savior. Let us worship You in Spirit and in truth, and let all praise be Yours. It is in Jesus name that we pray. Amen.