Preaching Schedule – February, March, & April 2020 1

February 2 – Fear Not, I am With You, Isaiah 41:8-10 (Sermon Audio)

February 9 – Put to Shame, Isaiah 41:11-13 (Sermon Audio)

February 16 – Rejoice in the Lord, Isaiah 41:14-16 (Sermon Audio)

February 23 – I Will Open Rivers, Isaiah 41:17-20 (Sermon Audio)

March 1 – Worthless Idols, Isaiah 41:21-29 (Sermon Audio)

March 8 – Behold My Servant, Isaiah 42:1-4 (Sermon Audio)

March 15 – My Glory I Give to No Other, Isaiah 42:5-9 (Sermon Audio)

March 22 – Sing to the Lord a New Song, Isaiah 42:10-13 (Sermon Audio)

March 29 – Holding Peace No Longer, Isaiah 42:14-17 (Sermon Audio)

April 5 – Deaf & Blind, Isaiah 42:18-20 (Sermon Audio)

April 12 – Easter Sunday, Made Alive Together With Christ, Ephesians 2:1-10 (Sermon Audio) Even though this date is actually Easter Sunday, we will also celebrate Easter on the 3rd Sunday after it is feasible for us to meet together in person. The 1st Sunday to rejoice that we are meeting together, the 2nd Sunday to begin reflecting on what Easter means as we take the Lord’s Supper together, and that 3rd Sunday to celebrate again the awesome miracle of the resurrection of Christ.

April 19 – He Magnifies His Law, Isaiah 42:21 (Sermon Audio)

April 26 – Plundered & Looted, Isaiah 42:22-25 (Sermon Audio)

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