Preaching Schedule – July 2021

July 4 – The Return of the Lord, Isaiah 52:8-10 (Sermon Audio) July 11 – The Lord Will Go Before You, Isaiah 52:11-12 (Sermon Audio) July 18 – High and Lifted Up, Isaiah 52:13 (Sermon Audio) July 25 – Astonished At Him, Isaiah 52:14-15 (Sermon Audio)

Preaching Schedule – June 2021

June 6 – Put On Your Beautiful Garments, Isaiah 52:1-2 (Sermon Audio) June 13 – Know That It Is I Who Speak, Isaiah 52:3-6 (Sermon Audio) June 20 – Guest Preacher, Kevin Jandt: We Are All Bruised Reeds, Matthew 12:15-21 (Sermon Audio) June 27 – Beautiful Feet, Isaiah 52:7 (Sermon […]

Preaching Schedule – May 2021

May 2 – Coming to Zion With Singing, Isaiah 51:9-11 (Sermon Audio) May 9 – Where Is the Wrath of the Oppressor?, Isaiah 51:12-14 (Sermon Audio) May 16 – I Am the Lord Your God, Isaiah 51:15-16 (Sermon Audio) May 23 – None to Guide Her, Isaiah 51:17-20 (Sermon Audio) […]

Preaching Schedule – April 2021

  April 4 – Who Fears the Lord? Isaiah 50:10-11 (Sermon Audio) April 11 – The Lord Comforts Zion, Isaiah 51:1-3 (Sermon Audio) April 18 – My Righteousness Draws Near, Isaiah 51:4-6 (Sermon Audio) April 25 – My Righteousness Will Be Forever, Isaiah 51:7-8 (Sermon Audio)

Preaching Schedule -March 2021

March 7 – I Will Save Your Children, Isaiah 49:24-26 (Sermon Audio) March 14 – For Your Iniquities You Were Sold, Isaiah 50:1-3 (Sermon Audio) March 21 – Morning by Morning He Awakens My Ear, Isaiah 50:4-6 (Sermon Audio) March 28 – The LORD God Helps Me, Isaiah 50:7-9 (Sermon […]

Preaching Schedule – February 2021

February 7 – Sing for Joy! Isaiah 49:13 (Sermon Audio) February 14 – Not Forgotten, Isaiah 49:14-18 (Sermon Audio) February 21 – Too Narrow a Place, Isaiah 49:19-21 (Sermon Audio) February 28 – Not Put to Shame, Isaiah 49:22-23 (Sermon Audio)

Prayer Focus: Our Churches

All wise and loving Heavenly Father, we come before You this day on behalf of our churches. We thank You that in Your wisdom You provided a safe shelter in which we can grow in our faith and be prepared to face the challenges of this world. We ask, first […]

Prayer Focus: God’s Will

Father God, we pray that Your will be done this day, here in earth as it is in Heaven. We pray that our wills be submissive to Yours as we seek Your guidance this day. We recognize that for Your will to be done in our lives that we must […]

Prayer Focus: Rain

Gracious Heavenly Father, giver of every good gift, we live in a dry and thirsty land that is greatly in need of Your blessing. We ask that You would open up the heavens and allow Your life giving rain to fall on our land. Father, in these times of drought, […]

Prayer Focus: This Day

Our Father, this is the day that You have made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. It is the only day that we have. We cannot return to the past, and we are not guaranteed a tomorrow. This day, and this day alone, is the day in which […]