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Preaching Schedule, January 2018   Recently updated !

  January 7 – Judgment on Moab, Isaiah 15 (Sermon Audio) January 14 – Swift to Do Righteousness, Isaiah 16:1-5 (Sermon Audio) January 21 – The Price of Pride, Isaiah 16:6-11 (Sermon Audio) January 28 – Wearied in Prayer, Isaiah 16:12-14

Preaching Schedule, November & December 2017

We will be taking a brief hiatus from our study of the book of Isaiah in order to examine the important truths of the Reformation during this 500th Anniversary. November 5 – Sola Fide, Faith Alone, Romans 1:17 (Sermon Audio) November 12 – Sola Scriptura, Scripture Alone, 2 Timothy 3:15-17 […]

Preaching Schedule, October 2017

October 1st – Compassionate Restoration, Isaiah 14:1-2 (Sermon Audio) October 8th – How You are Fallen, Isaiah 14:3-23 (Sermon Audio) October 15th – He Proposes and Disposes, Isaiah 14:24-27 (Sermon Audio) October 22nd – Rejoice Not, Isaiah 14:28-32 (Sermon Audio) October 29th – Reformation Sunday, Romans 1:17 (Sermon Audio)

Preaching Schedule, September 2017

September 3rd – Dwelling Together in Peace, Isaiah 11:6-9 (Sermon Audio) September 10th – In That Day, Isaiah 11:10-16 (Sermon Audio) September 17th – The Lord is my Strength & my Song, Isaiah 12:1-6 (Sermon Audio) September 24th – Babylon Judged, Isaiah 13:1-22 (Sermon Audio) October 1st – Compassionate Restoration, […]

Preaching Schedule, August 2017

August 6 – Woe to Those Who Make Unjust Laws, Isaiah 10:1-4 (Sermon Audio) August 13 – Judgment on Assyria, Isaiah 10:5-19 (Sermon Audio) August 20 – A Remnant Will Return, Isaiah 10:20-34 (Sermon Audio) August 27 – The Shoot, Isaiah 11:1-5 (Lord’s Supper) (Sermon Audio)

July 2017 Preaching Schedule

  We continue our study of the prophet Isaiah as follows: July 2nd – Be Broken, Isaiah 8:5-10 (Sermon Audio) July 9th – Fear Only the Lord, Isaiah 8:11-15 (Sermon Audio) July 16th – Inquire Only of the Lord, Isaiah 8:16-22 (Sermon Audio) July 23rd – The Great Light, Isaiah […]

June 2017 Preaching Schedule

June 4 – Immanuel, Isaiah 7:13-17 (Sermon Audio) June 11th – Kevin Kent preaching, Pastor at SBC in Phoenix (No Audio) June 18th – In That Day, Isaiah 7:18-25 (Sermon Audio) June 25th – Maher-shalal-hashbaz, Isaiah 8:1-4 (Sermon Audio)

May 2017 Preaching Schedule

May 7 – How Long? (Isaiah 6:11-13) (Sermon Audio) May 14 – Be Careful, Be Quiet, Do Not Fear (Isaiah 7:1-6) (Sermon Audio) May 21 – It Shall Not Stand (Isaiah 7:7-9) (Sermon Audio) May 28 – Ask for a Sign (Isaiah 7:10-12) (Sermon Audio)

March & April 2017 Preaching Schedule

March 5th – Wise in Our Own Eyes, Isaiah 5:21-23 (Sermon Audio) March 12th – Setting a Fire, Isaiah 5:24-25 (Sermon Audio) March 19th – Judgment from Outside, Isaiah 5:26-30 (Sermon Audio) March 26th – A Vision of the Holy One, Isaiah 6:1-2 (Sermon Audio) April 2nd – Holy, Holy, […]

Sermon Audio Update

Starting today I will not be posting an individual post for the sermon audio each week. You can still listen by clicking on the (Sermon Audio) link for each sermon on the applicable Preaching Schedule page. At the same time, the last five(5) sermons are available for listening in the […]